Discover Your Personal Brand Conference 2017

Discover Your Personal Brand

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August 11-12, 2017


Telus House

3rd Floor, 25 York St. Toronto, Canada

Discover Your Personal Brand is North America’s Largest Personal Branding Conference.



At #DYPB17 you’ll have a chance to hear from thought-leaders, high-profile experts and successful entrepreneurs who have mastered their own personal brands, and are eager to help you do the same. You’ll walk away from #DYPB17 feeling inspired and motivated with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. You’ll learn practical tools and strategies that you can apply immediately in career, business, and life. But most importantly, you’ll get the clarity you need to craft your own, unique and authentic personal brand that will help you stand out from the crowd, propelling you towards success.

Join us for a game-changing day and half. We look forward to seeing you there!



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  • Finding Aligned Partnerships with Your Brand
  • Branding Your Messaging
  • Branded Video Marketing for Your business
  • Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots
  • Podcasting for Branded Business
  • LinkedIn: Build a Branded Following

More to Come!

Panel Discussions

  • All-Star Personal Brands
  • Targeting Your Branded Tribe
  • Positioning Your Brand on Social Media
  • Personal Brands that Change the World
  • PR/Media: How Brands Leverage it for an Audience
  • Technology & Innovation for Brands

More to Come!

What DYPB Attendees Say

“This day exceeded all my expectations. I learned a bit about my brand, I learned about better messaging,I learned to be yourself and be professional. It was such great great content and I look forward to next year!”

Rosalyn Kreiger

“Pleasantly suprised. I confirmed what I already knew, but most importantly, I learned alot of new things. It’s a pleasure to actually see so much information being given that’s practical, useful and to be able to make a change in people’s lives. Next year I would strongly recommend it — be here!”

Antonio Ramondo

“Today was exceptional! You need to be here is you want to grow your business, get more clarity on your passion and purpose. Great connections and world-class communicators. Well worth the day and well worth the time.”

Gary Gradley


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