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Full-day THEME: 'Power of Connection'
The Power of Connection
How Leaders connect with themselves, their teams and their community
Thursday August 16, 2018
Want to build a better thought leadership brand in the C-suite?
Do you aspire to take your executive leadership skills to a greater level?
Do you understand the value of a relationship and want to improve your connection with yourself, your team and your community?
Our Featured Speakers
Industry Leaders and Experts
Kerri has helped hundreds of people to find their stories and confidently communicate their value. Most of my clients land jobs that pay 15-40% more than they earned before. More importantly, they conduct job searches where they feel supported as they navigate the new rules of job search.
Kerri Twigg
Certified Resume Strategist and Career Coach
Bobby has been a professional speaker for over 12 years. For over 20 years, he has coached/consulted organizations and individuals on Personal Branding, Networking/Connection, Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Career Growth, Team Dynamics & Social Capital.
Bobby Umar
Top 100 Leadership Speaker and 5x TEDx Speaker
Lila helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to identify and express their true brand value. I help them speak to the people who need to hear their message, in the way they'll BEST be able to receive it.
Lila Smith
Consultant, Speaker, Community & Culture Cultivator
Dr. Brynn talks, teaches, trains mostly about how the brain works at work--engaging, motivating, persuading, leading. Her research combines business and brain sciences: e.g. Neuromarketing, Neuroleadership, Neuromanagement.
Dr. Brynn Wingard
Keynote Speaker, Professor, Expert
Alexander is an acclaimed business strategist who has provided millions of dollars worth of solutions to over 300 businesses in every corner of the globe. His clients' have held advanced degrees from prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and MIT and have been endorsed internationally by both government and private venture capital providers.
Alexander Michael Gittens
Strategist, Author & Speaker
What You'll Learn
A day of exciting, in-depth and interactive sessions.
How to Build a Powerful Thought Leadership Personal Brand - Brand 'You'
Verb Your Values - Take Communicative Action
Your Executive Career Trajectory - Applying Today's Learnings - Up, Sideways and Out
Neuroleadership & Influence - gaining influence, respect, engagement non-coercively (using insights from brainscience)
Join us for a day of executive knowledge & experience from industry experts, networking and much more!
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